Where To Look for Birds

Cedar Waxwing
Minette Layne

Cedar Waxwing

You can find birds wherever there is enough water, food, and shelter for them to survive, even in extreme environments such as deserts and human cities. But in general, you will find more birds in places with plenty of water, healthy native plants, and a protected, balanced ecosystem.

Your own backyard can be one of those places. To see more birds near your home, learn some bird-feeding basics and how to make your yard more attractive to birds.

Beyond your own neighborhood, look for birds in healthy habitats like forests or prairies, around bodies of water, and in places where habitat changes from one type to another (for example, the edge between a field and a forest). Look for birds at all different levels of the vegetation, from treetops to shrubs to the ground, as well as in the air and in the water.

If you're ready to start traveling in search of birds, Audubon magazine has compiled a series of guides to birding trails by region. These guides are great for planning vacations or just for learning more about the area where you live:

Connecting with an Audubon chapter or nature center near you is a great way to learn more about birds in your area, attend bird walks, and meet other birders.